Lead Acid and Automotive Battery Chargers

Mr Positive’s range of automotive Lead Acid Battery Chargers. We currently stock a wide range of 12v automotive lead acid battery chargers for many applications. Our range of lead acid battery chargers has been broken down to select key categories for end user applications. Whether it is a basic small battery charger for a motorcycle or recreational vehicle or an industrial heavy duty charger for the workshop, Mr Positive has the right product to fit your needs. All our lead acid battery chargers are sourced locally and carry NZ warranty and service. Maximise battery life and performance by using one of Mr Positives quality chargers today!

Our Staff Picks

Power Train 12v 3 Stage 4a Set and Forget Lead Acid Battery Charger
On Sale 48% OFF RRP $84.00
Dual Output 12v 8a 8 Stage Automotive Marine Battery Charger
On Sale 30% OFF RRP $149.00
Power Train 6v-12v-24v 30a 7 Stage Battery Charger and PSU (Inc Lithium)
On Sale 15% OFF RRP $335.00
Power Train 6v-12v-24v 40a 7 Stage Battery Charger and PSU (Inc Lithium)
On Sale 20% OFF RRP $429.00