CTEK CS FREE 4 in 1 Battery Charging, Booster and Power Bank

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CTEK CS FREE sets the benchmark with a revolutionary design and engineering that breaks the mould of what a conventional battery charger has always been.

CTEK CS FREE is a 4 in 1 battery charger, maintainer, adaptive booster and a power bank. You can now charge and maintain your 12v Lead Acid or Lithium Ion batteries anywhere. Whether this is using mains power, solar or separate battery power!

Supre easy to use and the ultimate accessory for anyone from the hands-on mechanic or the super geek tech enthusiast.

If your battery is flat, the CS Free revolutionary adaptive boost technology will provide the safest and quickest way to power up your battery to get you going in 15 minutes.

Integrated power bank will provide back up power for your portable devices at the same time.

Once again CTEK come flying out the starting blocks leaving a big gap for the imitators to follow!


Multi-functional 4-in-1 portable battery charger, maintainer, adaptive booster and powerbank
Works with all types of 12vV lead acid and lithium batteries
Safely gets you going from a flat battery within 15 minutes
Suitable for use on cars, leisure vehicles, vans, boats, motorcycles, jet-skis and much more!
Can be powered by service battery or solar panel for complete off-grid charging
Re-charge whilst on the move with 12v accessory socket
Can be left safely connected to mains power, service battery or solar panel for smart maintenance charging
USB-C and USB-A outputs for charging laptops, smartphones and tablets
Easy to use, easy to operate, easy to understand
No modes to select - just connect and the CS FREE will do the rest
Countdown function shows you how long there is left before your battery is fully charged
New ergonomic design with a tough and durable case


DC Input: USB-C 5v -25v DC
Output: 12v 20a 240w Max
Power Source: AC or DC
Battery Types: Lead Acid (Wet, Ca/Ca, AGM, EFB, GEL) and Lithium (LifePo4 and Li-Ion)
Start Voltage: 3v
Frequency: 50-60Hz
AC Input Voltage: 100-240v AC 60Hz 60w Max
Dimensions: 248 x 98 x 78mm
Net Weight: 1.4 KG
Output Cable Length: 2m Detachable
USB-A Output: 5v DC 2.4a 12w Max
USB-C Output: 5v, 9v, 12v 15v 20v 60w Max
Warranty: 2 Years

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


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Model # 40-462
Barcode # 7340103404620


CTEK offers 2 year manufacturer warranty on this product. Warranty will be void if:

Charger has been used with much higher current and or voltage than designed for and specified in models specifications sheet.
Clear signs of heat on any of the CTEK casing, cables or circuitry.
Used with incorrect voltage or incorrect battery types.
Visible signs of impact or water damage.
CTEK product has been opened by a non CTEK authorised engineer or agent.

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