6-8 Stage Lead Acid Battery Chargers

These chargers are Mr Positives advanced lead acid automotive battery charger range. Adopting advanced charging stages to maximise 12v car battery performance and extend battery life. Our advanced lead acid chargers provide higher output power. Which produces much faster charging time alongside the ability to charge much larger batteries. Depending on model and brand, they are multi chemistry chargers and are capable of charging all wet and dry lead acid types.
The charge stages can differ between brands and different manufacturers. Each brand focusing on a particular combination of charge stages as their unique feature and suggested best charging practice. The charging stages are often a combination of Soft Start Charge, Bulk Charge, Absorption Charge, Recondition Charge, Equalisation Charge (only for Calcium Batteries), Battery Test, Analysis Charge, Float / Trickle Charge and Rejuvenation Charge.

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