RC Connectors

Mr Positive is your number one expert on RC connectors. We currently stock all popular RC connectors. Including XT60 Connectors, Deans Connectors (also known as T-Connector), Traxxas Connector, EC3 Connector, EC5 connector as well as variations of bullet connectors.
Our RC connectors are available in either pairs or 5 pair options. If you require some advice on which RC connector is right for your needs, contact one of our experts and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

XT30 Connector (5 Pairs)

XT30 Connector (5 Pairs)


Tamiya Connectors  (5 Pair)

Tamiya Connectors (5 Pair)


AS150 7mm Anti Spark Bullet Connectors (2 Pairs)
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Deans Style Connectors With New Insulating Cap (5 Pair)
On Sale 23% OFF RRP $13.00
EC3 Connectors  (5 Pair)

EC3 Connectors (5 Pair)

Now $10.00

On Sale 47% OFF RRP $19.00
EC5 Connectors  (5 Pair)

EC5 Connectors (5 Pair)