Cellmeters & Battery Testers

Use our range of Cell meters to accurately check condition and capacity of your batteries. We carry a wide range of  models with varying features and specifications. Whether it is a lipo checker, lipo tester, cell meter, Lead acid load tester or a general consumer battery tester. Mr Positives carries a wide range of battery analysing tools to give you accurate data about the condition and charge state of your batteries.

Our Staff Picks

Battery Organiser with Battery Tester
Battery, Bulb and Fuse Tester

Battery, Bulb and Fuse Tester


CTEK Battery Analyser

CTEK Battery Analyser


Low Voltage Alarm and Voltmeter 2s-8s (In Case)
On Sale 33% OFF RRP $15.00
Projecta Battery Carbon Pile Load Tester 12v 500amp
On Sale 10% OFF RRP $295.00