Watt Meters

Mr Positive carries a selection of Watt meters. Measure watts accurately and reliably with our range of AC or DC wattmeter’s. Watt meter is helpful to establish what sort of current and/or power (watts or KW/H) the device is using during normal load. Which can in turn help to establish what type of battery or power source is needed for an application.

Our AC wattmeter’s and energy meters will help you diagnose power usage of normal household appliances or the whole homes power consumption.

PowerLog 6s Multifunction Monitor & Logger
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Turnigy 180a In-Line Power and Watt Meter
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Voltage, Current, Energy and Wattage LCD Combo Meter 0-100a 6.5-100v
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Watt Meter | Voltmeter | 100a Amp Meter | Battery Analyser
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