BMPRO MiniBoost 12v DC-DC Battery Charger

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BMPRO MiniBoost resolves the age-old issue of managing charge power between the main starting battery and the auxiliary house battery. Dual battery setups are very common in caravans, campervans, 4WD's and show vehicles with high end sound system. Typically, the power between the two batteries is managed by a voltage sensitive relay. Although in principal this system works, the common issue is that voltage sensitive relays operate on a very narrow black and white logic. Switching over at set voltages only. This offers little flexibility with added inefficiencies in the power system.

BMPRO's MiniBoost improves the power efficiency between the two batteries and manages all charge power between main and auxiliary battery. Even if the main batteries voltage is lower than house batteries.

The MiniBoost features two stage charging profile. Managing current until battery is fully charged.


DC-DC Charger specifically for RV applications
Input over-current and reverse voltage protection
Output over-current and short circuit protection
Output reverse connection protection
BMPRO Signature durability and ease of use


Input Voltage Range: 10-15v
Output Current: 20a (Boost Mode), 30a (Bypass Mode)
Output Voltage: 14.4v (Boost Mode), <1v Less than input voltage (Bypass Mode)
Output Ripple Voltage: <150mV
Over Current Protection 21a Electronic (Boost Mode), 30a Fuse (Bypass Mode)
Start Voltage: 12.2v - 12.9v
Disconnect Voltage: 9.1v - 12.9v
Battery Drain <20mA
Efficiency: >80%
Standards: RCM Approval, EMC CISPR 11
Weight: 0.8Khg

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


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12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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