Compatible Accessories

Mr Positive's range of aftermarket replacement batteries, chargers and accessories are produced using the most premium quality components. These products are aftermarket alternatives to the original brand and are designed to be compatible with their original branded device. Mr Positive's aftermarket range of products includes; power tool batteries and chargers, digital cameras and chargers, portable electronics batteries and chargers and other specialised accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the aftermarket version of a battery or charger be compatible with my original device?

Yes. Each battery or charger listed has been specifically designed as an aftermarket solution for the original device. Mr Positive's website will display a list of compatible original devices on the product page for each of the specific aftermarket accessories, whether this is the original power tool models, digital cameras or any other portable device.

Do these aftermarket products carry any type of warranty?

Yes. All Mr Positive aftermarket batteries, chargers and accessories carry manufacturer warranty. Warranty information is contained on the product page warranty tab.

What are the advantages of aftermarket battery and accessories?

Sometimes it is very difficult to find genuine branded accessories such as batteries and chargers for specific devices. This is particularly the case if it is an older device that may be discontinued or superseded by a new model. Therefore, if you are very fond of that old workhorse of a power drill that has served you so well, but you can't find genuine batteries for it, sometimes the only option is to source an aftermarket version that is compatible with the original brand.

If the particular model battery, charger or accessory is not listed, can you source it for me?

If there is a particular model aftermarket battery, charger or accessory that you require that is not currently listed. Contact us and in some cases we may be able to source it for you!

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