In Store Pick Up

Mr Positive Auckland showroom is now permanently closed. This means there are no longer any pickup or over counter sale facilities. We are now 100% online and all orders are shipped by courier (including dangerous goods carriers) to any destination in NZ!

Why Have You Closed Your Showroom?

Mr Positive started a decade ago as an online only operation. At this point, we only had a vision of online sales with no retail or over counter services planned at all. As our customer base grew and we outgrew our office space, after encouragement from some of our customers, we decided to combine a new admin office with a small showroom to trial over counter sales.

Fast forward to mid-2020 and it would be a bit of an understatement to say that it has been volatile for the traditional retail shop owner. Particularly the 2021 4+ months of lockdown and uncertainty that has meant we have been unable to operate our showroom at all or provide any clear timelines to our staff or customers. Irrespective of this curve ball, Mr Positive’s over counter sales have only amounted to a few percent of our total sales. While we have seen a massive increase in our online sales, general online enquiries, and customers. This is ultimately the reality of the industry as a whole and not something that is unique to Mr P.

Although we appreciate that a very small percentage of our customers do not like online shopping or need something urgently that day, with the uncertainty and increase of safety concerns, it’s obvious that it is no longer practical to maintain a physical retail shop.

Online Shopping

Why Can’t I Pick Up Anyway from Your New Office?

Our new operation has no pickup facility, pickup counters, payment processing, eftpos or public admission. Without this basic infrastructure, we are not able to provide any type of pickup options or over counter sales. Some of our products are shipped directly from our supplier's local Auckland warehouse and are not stored onsite. This has always been the case and particularly for dangerous goods products like lead acid batteries and chemicals that require a very specialised process around storage and transport.

How Does this Affect Me?

If you are an avid online shopper and you have previously shopped with us online, nothing has changed. Same courier service, same product turnaround and delivery systems.
If you have only purchased over the counter, we encourage you to try and place your order online. If you need help, please use the contact us form.

It is worth mentioning that you don’t need an account to shop on the Mr Positive website, although setting one up as you checkout for the first time, means that your delivery address, phone number etc are already loaded meaning you can checkout quicker in the future. This is ultimately the same process for any other online shopping.

Closing Your Shop Seems a Bit Sketchy, How Can I Trust You?

We started online and have been in operation for 10 years. With 50,000+ customers to date, a majority of which have been online.
During these lockdowns, we have seen double digit growth in our online sales. With a steady increase of new products and further investment into our website, automation and order processing. This has made us more efficient and reduced issues like incorrect picking or out of stock problems.

While our very small number of over counter sales has grounded to zero as a result of the lockdown in Auckland, Mr P has to make these big decisions and that's why he gets paid the big bucks at the end of the day.

I Have a One-Off Urgent Order Requirement, Can You Help?

Unfortunately, we are now 100% online and can only ship your order out based on the timeframe, as listed for each individual product on our website. We do not have pickup facilities, over counter payment processing staffing or Vaccine Passport related infrastructure. As such, if you must pick up your order urgently and can’t wait for courier delivery, in this instance, Mr Positive will not be able to offer this service unfortunately.