Mr Positive showroom will be closed on Friday October 4 and Monday October 7. Open during normal hours from Tuesday October 8. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Mr Positive is a responsible retailer and adheres to NZ consumer guarantees act. If you have any questions regarding our warranty and returns policy, please contact us. If you would like to lodge a warranty claim you can do so by logging into your account and creating a return ticket, or contact us.

Mr Positive requires faulty item under warranty to be returned for inspection before the warranty process begins and refund or replacements can be issued. Customer is required to return the product to either Mr Positives Auckland warehouse or one of our suppliers warehouses.

Once Mr Positive has received the faulty item under warranty, we will inspect it to determine whether it will be repaired or replaced. The inspection period will take a minimum of 3 days. At the end of this period, one of our representatives will contact you with further details regarding your warranty claim.

Battery Charger Warranty

Our battery chargers and power supplies carry a minimum 12 month warranty. Some models and brands carry a 24 month warranty. Warranty will be void if the product has been used incorrectly, such as, with higher voltage or current than specified, damage due to heat, or if the charger has been damaged due to impact. Do not open your charger or power supply as this will also void your warranty.

Lead Acid Battery Warranty

Warranty will be void if the battery has been used in a manner that it is not specifically designed for. For example:

The Lead Acid battery has been;
Discharged past its recommended discharge state.
Charged with a charger that is not designed to charge that specific type of battery.
Charged at a higher current than specified in product data sheets.
Placed under a much larger current than designed for, or specified in the batteries data sheet.

Lead Acid Batteries are a delicate product that require special care and specific charging practices. Never fully discharge a lead acid battery that is not designed for deep cycle use and never use a "standby" Lead Acid battery for large currents (such as engine starting). Simple common sense must be adhered to or your warranty will be void. If you require assistance choosing the right battery, please feel free to contact us and one of our experts will recommend a model that is not only the best option for your needs now, but also the future.

Lipo Battery Warranty

Lipo batteries are the preferred choice of hobby battery world over. They provide huge energy (current and power), can be charged extremely fast (up to 5 times their capacity in some instances), weigh considerably less than other battery chemistries and offer the ability for perfect balance charging of each cell. The downside of this great energy to weight ratio is that the Lipo battery has very delicate chemistry. The batteries must be charged with a lipo charger, not used past their discharge voltage threshold and stored correctly. Lipo batteries provide a huge amount of energy in a short period of time, however this means that their operating voltage range is small.

Mr Positive is a responsible retailer and abides by NZ consumer guarantees act. If your Lipo battery has failed during normal use, it will be covered by warranty. Warranty will be void if the battery has been used beyond its recommended rating, used incorrectly or in a manner other than what it is designed for. For example:

The Lipo battery has been;
Charged without a lipo charger.
Charged beyond its fully charged voltage, or with a higher current than specified by the manufacturer.
Discharged past its safe threshold of 3.1v per cell.
Discharged at a higher current than its manufacturer specified discharge rating (C rating).
Damaged due to impact or a crash.
Short circuited or shows any visible signs of heat.

When a Lipo battery has been used incorrectly or placed under great stress, it will show clear physical characteristics. The battery packaging (hardcase or soft case) will be loose which is a sign of cell expansion. Lipo cells expand drastically when they are incorrectly charged or put under huge stress.

All our lipo batteries are stored at manufacturer recommended storage voltage. The voltage of each cell is tested before they are packaged for shipping to ensure they are in perfect working order before they leave Mr Positive's warehouse.