Lead Acid Batteries

Lead Acid batteries are used in variety of technologies. Mr Positive is a NZ retailer and stockist of all major Lead Acid battery technologies. Whether it’s for automotive, mobility, UPS, alarm or marine application.

Mr Positive uses registered specialised hazard couriers to ship certain lead acid batteries around NZ. Shipping of this product range requires extreme care. Generally items are shipped the same day an order payment is confirmed. Due to the nature of the product and volatile chemicals, the transit time may take 2-5 days depending on your location. This is a result of the care and safety requirements required to transport certain lead acid batteries.

Our Staff Picks

Kemax 12v 26ahr Stackable AGM Battery Module
Power Sonic 12v 10.5ahr High Discharge Sealed AGM Battery
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Ritar 12v 14ahr AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Power Sonic 12v 2.5ahr Sealed AGM Battery
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