Voltage Regulator Circuits

We currently stock a variety of voltage regulator circuits for your electronic projects. A voltage regulator is designed to provide constant set voltage in an electric circuit. It is useful when building power supplies or for general DIY projects. We carry variable step down convertors, as well as RC electric regulators. View our range or contact us if you have any questions.

DC-DC 12v-40v 10a PWM Variable Voltage Regulator Module
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DC-DC 3a 5v / 6v BEC Voltage Regulator with Aux On / Off Switch
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DC-DC 7.4v-44.4v 20amp Step Down Voltage Regulator SBEC
On Sale 19% OFF RRP $42.00
Programmable Power Supply Module 0-50v 5a
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Step Up Voltage Regulator Module 12v

Step Up Voltage Regulator Module 12v

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