Popular Automotive Lead Acid Battery Chargers

NZ Top Brands

Mr Positive only carries the best brand of car battery chargers. All these products are from industry leading brands and have been selected based on their reliability, ease of use as well as after sale support and service.

NZ Top Brands

All of our chargers carry a minimum of 12 month warranty. Some models carry up to 36 month manufacturer warranty. All these products are sourced from local suppliers with NZ after sale and service.

NZ Top Brands

Mr Positive currently carries close to 100 different models of 12v automotive and lead acid battery chargers. In this category we have listed our most popular models. Essential in every home handyman garage. Whether it is toping up general passenger vehicle batteries, maintaining seasonal vehicle batteries, power sport and much more.

Mr Positive currently carries a very large range of battery chargers visit our other lead acid and automotive battery categories for more or click the view all button below.


Our Staff Picks

Power Train 12v 1.6a 5 Stage Lead Acid Battery Charger (PTC-12V1.6A)
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