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Mr Positive is an upstanding member of the community who has an unusual passion for batteries. He drives with them, he drills with them, and he gets thrills from them!

Need more power?
Need more run time?
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Mr Positive is your man, your number one authority on EVERYTHING batteries and chargers.

Our team at Mr Positive specialise in batteries, electrics, chargers and more. We know our stuff, it's all we do and we do it well. Understanding battery chemistry, safety and what you need; can be a big challenge. Mr Positive is here to help keep your decision making process simple.

Shop with confidence in the knowledge, that our advice is second to none. We will go the extra mile to give your enquiry the care and attention it deserves. The advice we give is guaranteed to get you the best solution, for the best price.

Take a look at our comprehensive knowledge base, peruse our product range and even chat with Mr Positive himself!

Best Products

Mr Positive is genuinely passionate about his products and, much like his customers, can be found tinkering in his man shed every opportunity he can! These products have been selected especially for his store, he has tested them and enjoys using them. Mr Positive knows you will find them useful too!

Our batteries are broken down into two categories. We offer both an economical range, as well as a high performance benchmark battery product range. When purchasing a battery it is always very much a case of you get what you pay for. We understand that it doesn't make sense to buy the best battery with a world class manufacturing process for every application. Sometimes you may have a device that has very low demands, perhaps you are just starting out in RC hobby, LED torches or motorbikes, or maybe you just need a couple of AAs for the TV remote.

With that in mind, here are our two categories;


Entry level product where performance isn't crucial. This product is very economical and a great way to get started. Pitched at an excellent price to get the ball rolling. It won't last years and perform the same time and time again, but this is reflected in the price!

High Performance:

Whether it is used for RC hobby, is a digital camera operating from AA batteries, or an ultra high performance automobile, our high performance range has been tested to provide the best performance and reliability. These products have been designed with performance and reliability as the only focus. Adopting much more care, research and development during the manufacturing process. This adds to the cost and ultimate end price, but it results in a far superior product with a much better return on initial investment for the end user. Particularly when dealing with automotive batteries or high performance RC batteries. If performance and reliability is critical to you, ask one of our experts for help choosing an option that is best for your application.

Hassle Free Returns Policy

You can return most unopened items 7 days after receiving it. There can be some limitations with batteries and this is purely due to the nature of the product and its state after it has been used, even once. When a battery has been used, charged, discharged, it is very difficult to try and resell this item to another customer. Nobody would be interested in buying a battery that had already been discharged and there was no guarantee of the stress it has been put under, particularly when dealing with delicate chemistry in modern rechargeable batteries.
To ensure your decision making process is as accurate as possible, Mr Positive has taken a great deal of time to provide you with the most precise specifications for each product. If you still have questions and need some help, contact us and one of our battery experts will be more than happy to provide you with advice and point you in the right direction.

Mr Positive is a fair and responsible retailer. We believe in the Consumers Guarantees Act. Contact us if you have a return request and we will do our best to help.

More information about our returns processes is available here.

More information about our warrnty processes is available here.

Only The Best Brands

Mr Positive's brands have been handpicked based on trial and error. These brands are products that we use ourselves and have tested, they pass our expectations and we know they will pass yours too!

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