Bike and Scooter Batteries

Motorcycle batteries and scooter batteries delivered to your door! Whether you need a scooter battery or a motorbike battery, we can help. We carry a carefully selected range of products that have been chosen for reliability, quality, performance and price. All sourced from local NZ suppliers with after sale support and warranty.

Mr Positive currently carries sealed completely maintenance free AGM motorcycle batteries as well as high performance lithium based motorcycle batteries.

Bottle Type 24v 11.6ahr e-Bike Battery Module
On Sale 10% OFF RRP $405.00
Power Sonic CB16CL-B 12v 240ccA 19ahr Conventional Motorbike Battery (YB16CL-B)
On Sale 20% OFF RRP $142.00
Power Sonic PIX30CLBS-FS 12v 320ccA 28ahr Activated AGM Motorbike Battery
On Sale 15% OFF RRP $176.00