Security Policy

Mr Positive website uses SSL certificate and does not store credit card details. Our credit card payments are processed through eWay and the banks.

eWay is Australasia's largest payment gateway and they have considerable resources and technology to provide the most secure portal for credit card transactions.

Mr Positive does not store credit card data.

Security Checks

Mr Positive is a big proponent to safer online shopping, as a result we do at times, conduct security checks for credit card transactions. This is process put in place to protect you the consumer from unauthorised charges to your credit card, as well as us as the retailer against loses in the event stolen credit cards are used to purchase something through our store.

We may contact you with request of more information relating to a transaction done with credit card. Please do not be offended, this process is crucial for safer online shopping and it is the only process available to us to ensure that there is a legitimate and authorised credit card in use.