Lithium Battery Chargers

These range of batteries chargers have been specifically designed to recharge modern lithium based rechargeable batteries. Such as those found in high powered torches, radio control hobbies and much more. We also currently carry traditional singe cell battery chargers as well as a wide range of battery pack chargers. Our battery pack chargers are designed for variety of battery sizes and cell counts.

We have categorised all these lithium battery charger products in a few key categories. If you require advice on what the best lithium battery charger is for your battery or end application contact one of our in house battery charger experts and we will point you in the right direction.

iCharger 206B

iCharger 206B

Now $192.00

On Sale 8% OFF RRP $209.00
Li-Ion 2 Cell 7.2-8.4v 2a Battery Pack Charger (2.1mm Plug)
On Sale 14% OFF RRP $35.00
Li-Ion 48v 2a 13s e-Bike Battery Charger with DC Style Plug
On Sale 17% OFF RRP $65.00
Turnigy B6 5a 2-6s Compact Lipo Balance Charger
On Sale 13% OFF RRP $52.00
Xtar MC6 USB Powered Six Slot Li-Ion Battery Charger
On Sale 15% OFF RRP $62.00
12v Solar Lead Acid Battery Trickle Charger
On Sale 12% OFF RRP $32.00
Basic 1-4 Cell Lipo and Li-Ion DC Battery Charger with JST Plug
On Sale 14% OFF RRP $42.00
EFest LUC Blu4 LCD and Bluetooth 4 Slot Li-Ion Battery Charger
On Sale 35% OFF RRP $68.00
EFest Single Slot LCD Li-Ion USB Charger
On Sale 29% OFF RRP $28.00
iCharger 1010B+

iCharger 1010B+

Now $209.00

On Sale 5% OFF RRP $219.00
iCharger 106B+

iCharger 106B+

Now $160.00

On Sale 5% OFF RRP $169.00
iCharger 208B

iCharger 208B


iCharger 3010B

iCharger 3010B

Now $300.00

On Sale 6% OFF RRP $319.00
iCharger 306B

iCharger 306B

Now $245.00

On Sale 5% OFF RRP $259.00