CTEK XS 0.8 - 12v 0.8a Recreational Vehicle Lead Acid Battery Charger

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The XS 0.8 is CTEK's smallest 12v battery charger. Suitable for smaller 12v batteries that are commonly found in motorcycles, jet skis, ATV's and lawnmowers. Featuring CTEK's state of the art 6 stage charging for 12v batteries between 1.2-32ahr and maintaining larger batteries up to 100ahr. The XS 0.8 is IP65 classifies (dust and splash proof), delivering a maximum output current of 0.8amps.

CTEK chargers are designed to be set and forget. Maintaining vehicles battery when not in use. Ideal for seasonal vehicles.

CTEK chargers are designed to protect vehicles electronics. They are non-sparking, reverse polarity and sort circuit protected and come with exceptional manufacturer warranty periods.

Why would you chose this product?

Specifically designed as a maintenance charging solution for seasonal vehicles or classic cars that may not get used day to day. The XS 0.8 is CTEK's smallest 12v battery charger and can be permanently connected to a lead acid battery, maintaining the batteries voltage at optimum level without risk of overcharging. The power rating of this charger is also suited for smaller starting batteries found in motorbikes, lawn mowers and jet skis.


Input Voltage: 220-240v AC 50-60Hz
Charging Voltage: 14.4v
Min Battery Voltage: 2.0v
Charging Current: 0.8a Max
Back Current: <1ah / Month
Ripple: <4%
Charge Type: 4 Stage, fully automatic
Battery Types: All types 12v Lead Acid batteries (Wet, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and Gel)
Battery Capacity: 1.2-32ah and up to 100ah for Maintenance
Insulation Class: 1P65
Dimensions: 145 x 55 x 38
Weight: 0.4 Kg


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Model # 56-825
Barcode # 7350009568258


CTEK offers 5 year manufacturer warranty on this product. Warranty will be void if:

Charger has been used with much higher current and or voltage than designed for and specified in models specifications sheet.
Clear signs of heat on any of the CTEK casing, cables or circuitry.
Used with incorrect voltage or incorrect battery types.
Visible signs of impact or water damage.
CTEK product has been opened by a non CTEK authorised engineer or agent.

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