Lithium Ion Protection Circuit Modules (PCM)

Lithium Ion Protection Circuits (PCM) provide voltage cut-off security for Lithium rechargeable batteries. The circuit will stop the battery from over charging or from being discharged too far. Lithium Ion PCM’s are a cost effective safety solution for any single (or multiple) cell Li-Ion batteries or battery packs. We carry a growing range of PCM modules for different cell sizes and well as rated discharge. These can be used in normal DIY electronics projects such as custom ebike installations, prototyping, RC hobbies, robotics and much more. Mr Positive has also designed a range specifically for Lipo batteries. Lipo batteries have a higher safe discharge voltage and should not be protected by a Li-Ion PCM module.

If you require help or further clarification on which PCM module is best suited for your application, contact one of our in house battery experts.