Staff Picks

With an ever-growing online catalogue, sometimes it may be hard to work out which particular charger, battery or tool is the one to buy from a list of 200+. Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction, or maybe you just aren’t into all the bells and whistles and you just want something that you can plug in, turn on and does the job every time.

Mr Positive Staff Picks are products that we like, we use everyday and we know you will love too! Our Staff Picks are both practical and maybe sometimes a tad indulgent.

We label a product as a Staff Pick based on features, build quality, versatility and of course price.

We have added staff picks in most of our key categories and are slowly adding more every day. Any product that is a Staff Pick will be marked as such and have a description to highlight its benefits and ease of use.

Below you will find a random example of our top staff picks. See more in every key Mr Positive category!