NAPA's range of sealed maintenance free batteries are the ultimate in battery performance and technology. Featuring specialist internal components, unique design features and industry leading technology to combat the cause of battery failure and deliver reliability, longer life and superior performance.

Delivering more than just superior starting power, NAPA batteries deliver exceptional corrosion resistance, longer life and better performance to handle the demands of today's modern vehicles.

Modern vehicles are becoming increasing complex, with additional electronic accessories, regenerative braking, stop/start systems, and advanced engine management to name a few. These modern technologies place additional demands on the vehicle's battery. This means conventional metrics like ccA (Cold Cranking Amps) are not as relevant to battery performance as they once were. NAPA batteries critical design features have been driven by these new technologies and the fast-evolving automotive industry, producing a large range of batteries that have been specifically selected to meets the demands of NZ's unique environment.