BMPRO 12v 7.5a Lead Acid and LiFePO4 Battery Charger

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MBPRO BatteryCharge7.5 is a sophisticated 7.5amp 12v battery charger compatible with conventional lead acid batteries (Wet, AGM, Gel and Calcium) as well as modern LiFePO4 batteries.

The BatteryCharge7.5 is a multi-stage automatic battery charger and is adjustable to 3.75, 5 or 7.5 amps to allow user to apply charge current suited to the battery size being charged.

MBPRO chargers are all equipped with short-circuit, over-temperature and overload protection. The charger's large LCD display provide charge status of the battery.

Super easy to use and compatible with nearly all automotive, marine and deep cycle batteries (within charger's capacity rating).


Input: 240v AC / 50HZ
Output: 3.5a / 5.0a / 7.5a
Battery Voltage: 12v
Battery Capacity: 10-240a
Battery Chemistry: AGM, Wet, Gel, Calcium and LiFEPO4


Model # BatteryCharge7.5
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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