BMPRO Proboost 25a DC-DC Battery Charger and MPPT Solar

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BMPRO's new Proboost range of products is the ultimate power management system for your RV, Caravan or 4WD. Combining all available (DC) power from solar panel, alternator or the auxiliary battery. Maximising efficiency and managing all available power back to the batteries. No more complicated routine of plugging and unplugging.
The Proboost charge controller utilises MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) for maximum efficiency from your solar panel.

The Proboost is compatible with modern Lithium based batteries (LiFePO4) as well as conventional AGM, GEL, Calcium and Wet lead acid batteries.

This model is the smaller 25a model and is the ideal solution for the smaller to mid range systems. 25a charge power (up to 450w from solar) providing plenty of power for general installations. BMPRO also produces a 40a version for larger installations.

The new BMPRO Proboost are compact and can be installed in small spaces. Based on BMPRO's rugged built quality suitable for wet, dusty or muddy environments.


In vehicle multi-stage DC-DC charger
Dual input MPPT solar/aux (alternator)
Multi battery chemistry selector
Suitable for modern smart alternators
IP66 rating – resistant to dust, water and shock damage
Maintains a 100% state of charge of auxiliary batteries
BMPRO signature durability and ease of use
Cooling Self Cooling / Heatsink


Charge Current (Solar): 25a
Charge Type: MPPT
Max Solar Input (Watts): 450W
Input Voltage (DC AUX) 9 - 18V
Charge Current (DC-DC): 25A
Input Voltage (Solar): 10 - 32V (max)
Battery Chemistry: AGM / WET, Lithium (LiFeP04)
Battery Voltage: 12V
IP Grade: IP66
Dimensions (mm) 145 x 130 x 43
Min Start Voltage Lead Acid: 4v
Min Start Voltage Lithium: 0v
Charge Stages: 3

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


SKU ProBoost25
Model # ProBoost25


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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