Lithium Based Non Rechargeable Batteries

Mr Positives range of Li-Ion (known as Lithium Ion) rechargeable batteries. We carry popular sizes of lithium Ion batteries as well as different varieties of Lithium Ion based rechargeable cells. Such as the common lithium-ion-cobalt (LiCoO2), Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and more. Lithium based rechargeable batteries are available in popular 18650 and CR123A sizes as well as AA, AAA, C and D. Commonly used in high powered LED flashlights, medical equipment, electric vehicles and more. Lithium based rechargeable are not a direct replacement for conventional batteries of the same size. They are designed for specialised equipment and will cause damage if used in a device that is designed for a conventional battery.

Mr Positive only stock reliable Li-Ion cells from reputable manufacturers that are guaranteed to provide their rated capacities and cycle life.

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Energizer 9v Ultimate Lithium Battery

Varta 2CR5 3v Lithium Single Use Photo Battery
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Energizer 9v Ultimate Lithium Battery
FDK 3v 850mah 1/2 AA Industrial Lithium Battery with Tabs
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