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Mr Positive is an official NZ stockist of iCharger. Mr Positive offers support and warranty on all products in the iCharger range, including technical support on best charging practices, settings for a charge, safety tips as well as many other tips and tricks to get the best out of your charger and batteries.

iCharger is internationally regarded as the number one battery charger, finally making its way here to New Zealand. iCharger is known for its reliability, accuracy and proven 90% efficiency. There is no other DC charger on the market that has the same amount of power for its size, or as many features. Our iCharger range can manage up to 10 cell Lipos (allowing for series charging of multiple lower cell Lipos), as well as 30amps / 1000watts. iChargers safety features and cycle cutoff functions are second to none, these are crucial when operating with volatile battery chemistry at such levels.

Once you buy an iCharger charger... An iCharger takes you farther!