2-10 Cell Polyquest / Hyperion Balance Board and Series Adaptor

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2s-10s Polyquest or Hyperion Balance Board. Compatible with all 10 cell capable iCharger models as well as other RC style lipo chargers that use a 10 cell (11 pin) balance connector. This board includes 10s (11 pin) lead which is compatible only with 10s chargers such as our iCharger 3010B, iCharger 4010 Duo and iCharger 1010B.

This balance board can be used as a series charger adapter, for charging more than one lipo battery in series or in cases where a battery pack contains more than one balance connector. Such as a 10s pack made up of two 5s batteries.

Polyquest / Hyperion Balance Sockets (CB1010-APQ) Layout:

Row A: 3 x 2s (Making a total of 6s in series)
Row B: 3 x 3s (Making a total of 9s in series)
Row C: 2 x 4s (making a total 8s in series)
Row D: 2 x 5s (making a total of 10s in series)
Row E: 1 x 6s

Package includes cable to connect board to compatible iCharger.


SKU IPolBoard
Model # CB1010-AQP
Barcode # 2000000002026


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty