2-10 Cell JST-HX Balance Board and Series Adaptor

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2s-10s Standard JST-XH Balance Board. Compatible with all 10 cell capable iCharger models as well as other lipo chargers that have a 10s (11pin) balance port). This board is also available as 8 cell version.

This balance board can be used as a series charger adapter, for charging more than one lipo battery in series or in cases where a battery pack contains more than one balance connector. Such as a 10s pack made up of two 5s batteries.

Compatible with Mr Positives iCharger 1010B, iCharger 3010B and iCharger 4010 Duo.

JST-XH Sockets (CB1010-TP) layout:

Row A: 3 x 2s (Making a total of 6s in series)
Row B: 3 x 3s (Making a total of 9s in series)
Row C: 2 x 4s (making a total 8s in series)
Row D: 2 x 5s (making a total of 10s in series)
Row E: 1 x 6s

Package includes cable to connect board to compatible iCharger.


Model # CB1010-XH&EH
Barcode # 2000000004051


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty