iCharger DX6 Dual Output 1500w Multi Chemistry DC Battery Charger

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The iCharger DX6 is the dual output version of the popular compact iCharger X6. Providing a mammoth 1500w maximum power and up to 2a current over its balance ports, this charger promises to complete the task much quicker and utilising greater efficiency of its input power source.

Compatible with all modern Lithium based rechargeable batteries as well as conventional NIMH (or NiCD) battery packs. You can even use it to recharge Lead Acid anatomy batteries!

The large LCD screen provides numerous metrics about the battery charge state, per cell balance (Lithium only) voltage as well as input and output variables.

This charger is DC powered, operating over a wider input voltage range. The iCharger DX6 is your all in one charging solution in the lab or out in the field!

The new generation iCharger has improved user interface for better ease of use, battery data logging as well as imported firmware upgradability.


Dual output or two battery chargers in one
Massive 1500w of power
Regenerative Discharge
Large LCD Screen
New improved XT90 Input and Output Connection
USB Type C Power Delivery Output for PD portable electronics
Compatible with an even wider range of battery voltages and chemistries
Battery Logging
PC Compatibility via separate open source software
Micro SD Card Slot


Input Voltage (DC Only): 9-34v DC
Maximum Input Current: 65a (45a per channel)
Maximum Charge Current: 50a (32a per chanel)
Maximum Charge Power: 1500w (900w Chanel
Charge Current Range: 0.05-32a
Max Balancing Current: 2a
Balance Accuracy: 10mV
Maximum External Discharge: 1500w (900w per channel)
Maximum Internal Discharge: 60w (40w Per Channel)
Input Power Plug: XT90
Output Power Plug XT90 x 2
Balance Output:6s (7 pin) JST-XH Type x 2
Lithium Battery Type: Lipo, Li-Ion, LiFePO4, LIHV, LTO
Li-Ion Cell Count Per Channel: 1-6s (3.6v - 21.6v)
LiFePO4 Cell Count Per Channel: 1-6s (3.3v 19.8v)
Lipo Cell Count Per Channel: 1-6s (3.7v - 22.2v)
LIHV Cell Count Per Channel: 1-6s (3.8v - 22.8v)
LTO Cell Count Per Channel: 1-6s (2.4v - 14.4v)
NiMH / NiCD Cell Count Per Channel: 1-5s (1.2v - 18v)
NIZN Cell Count Per Channel: 1-6s (1.6v - 9.6v)
Lead Acid (PB) Cell Count Per Channel: 1-12s (2v - 24v)
PC Connectivity: USB-C
USB-C Output: Type C Power Delivery
Dimensions: 112mm x 92mm x 40mm
Weight: 360g

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # DX6
Barcode # 2000000008295


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty