iCharger X8 8s 1100w 30a DC Compact Universal Battery Charger

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The X8 is bigger brother of our very popular iCharger X6. Suitable for up to 8 cell (lithium) balance charging and providing up to 1100w of power while still retaining the small form factor.

The new look iCharger X8 features easier to use user interface and firmware upgradability. Universal 9 pin JST style balance connector allows for balance charging without the need of an additional balance board. the iCharger X6 features the popular XT60 input and output connection. Allowing for much cleaner clutter free form factor and the use of your own custom cable to suit any type of battery system.

The large LCD screen provide all the important metrics of the battery charging stage. Including pert cell voltage (when balance port is used) and input and out put power parameters.

The iCharger X8 allows for many user set charging settings. Including per cell voltage, fully charged voltage, charge current and much more.

The new range of iCharger's all provide up to 2a balance charging current. Allowing for quicker equalization of each cell and completion of the charge cycle.

Small form factor while still providing a massive 1100w of power and endless usability. The new iCharger X8 is the ultimate charging solution for up to 8 sell battery configurations.


9pin (8s) universal balance port
XT60 input and out put socket
USB Type-C Power Delivery for charging portable electronics
Up to 30a 1100w of power
2a Balance charge current
8 Cell lithium balancing
Compatible with almost all battery types
Large LCD screen
SD card slot


Input Voltage (DC Only): 9-49v DC
Maximum Input Current: 35a
Maximum Charge Current: 30a
Maximum Charge Power: 1100w
Charge Current Range: 0.05-30a
Max Balancing Current: 2a
Balance Accuracy: 10mV
Maximum External Discharge: 30a
Maximum Internal Discharge: 50w
Input Power Plug: XT90
Output Power Plug XT90
Balance Output:8s (9 pin) JST-XH Type
Battery Type: Lipo, Li-Ion, LiFePO4, LIHV, LTO, NiZN, NiCD, NiMH and Lead Acid
Li-Ion Cell Count Per Channel: 1-8s (3.6v - 28.8v)
LiFePO4 Cell Count Per Channel: 1-8s (3.3v 26.4v)
Lipo Cell Count Per Channel: 1-8s (3.7v - 29.6v)
LIHV Cell Count Per Channel: 1-8s (3.8v - 30.4v)
LTO Cell Count Per Channel: 1-8s (2.4v - 19.2v)
NiMH / NiCD Cell Count Per Channel: 1-25s (1.2v - 30v)
NIZN Cell Count Per Channel: 1-8s (1.6v - 12.8v)
Lead Acid (PB) Cell Count Per Channel: 1-15s (2v - 30v)
PC Connectivity: USB-C
USB-C Output: Type C Power Delivery
Dimensions: 98mm x 65mm x 37mm

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # X8
Barcode # 2000000008318


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty