Kemax 6-24v 8 Stage 16a Fully Automatic Battery Charger and PSU

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Excludes DG or bulk items (flooded or large lead acid batteries, large panels and generators).

Compatible with 6v, 12v and 24 batteries. This fully automatic battery charger will automatically select correct voltage to suit battery (type and voltage) being charged. It is compatible with all Lead Acid battery types. Including; Traditional Flooded, Calcium, GEL and AGM. The unit is truly a set and forget battery charger with only one button. There are no setting, modes or battery types to select.

With a 16a power rating, this unit has the added benefit of a power supply mode. When engaged the charger turns into a power supply to allow for powering 12v appliances or DC chargers.

Large LED screen provides charge progress. The only button this unit is for selecting power supply mode. There are no other buttons. All required info is displayed on the LED screen.

This is an ideal one size fits all battery charger for workshops and garages or the user that has the requirement to charge multiple battery types without the need of owing numerous battery chargers.


Automatic selection of battery voltage output with voice confirmation and LED indication, compatible with 6V, 12V, 24V batteries.
Automatic selection of battery chemistry for GEL, AGM, Lead acid and Calcium.
Able to test battery condition while charging and turns off if battery is faulty.
Zero volt battery minimum start up-can charge a completely discharged battery.
Old battery sulphation repair function.
Short circuit, reverse polarity connection (with voice confirmation), over-temperature, overload protection.
13.5V 16A DC power source (with voice confirmation) which can be applied to many 12V household appliances.
CE, EMC, ROHS safety approved.
LED screen clearly displays charge status and all output status.
5 years warranty.

Charge Stages:

1: Desulphation
2: Soft Start
3: Bulk
4: Absorption
5: Analysis
6: Boost
7: Float
8: Maintain


Input: 175-255v AC 50Hz
Charge Stages: 8 Stage Fully Automatic:
Battery Voltage: 6v, 12v 24v
Battery Types: AGM, GEL, Lead Acid and Calcium
AC Cable Length: 2m
DC Cable Length: 1m
Output Power: 120w / 240w
DC Power Supply Mode: 13.5v 16a max
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Automotive Battery Range: 140-1600ccA
Marine Battery Range: 180-2000mcA
Deep Cycle Battery Range: 40-300ahr
Dimensions: 229mm x 158mm x 70mm


SKU 62416A
Model # PBC168SL
Barcode # 9312591001917
36 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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