Projecta Pro Charge PC1600 12v 16amp 6 Stage Truck and Car Battery Charger

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Simple lead acid battery charger for home and the garage. Great solution when occasional charging is required for standard passenger type vehicles.

Battery charger features two control lights; red for correct connection, amber while charging in process and green when the battery is fully charged.

The MC400 includes reverse polarity protection as well as internal over temperature protection. Shutting down the charger to avoid any damage to internal circuitry and transformer.

Why would you chose this product?

With 16amps of maximum power the Projecta PC1600 is an ideal solution for large batteries in delivery trucks, vans, large diesel engines, boats and much more. This charger is suited for the professional that is looking for a sophisticated battery charger for commercial applications.


Part Number: MC400
Charger Control: Manual
Input: 240v / 50 Hz / 55w
Output: 2700mA (4000ma RMS) at 12v
Standards: Electrical Safety, EMC

Battery Charge Times:

Automotive 12v: 200-550ccA 8-15 Hours
Marine 12v: 250-600mcA 10-20 Hours
Deep Cycle 12v: 20-70Ah 10-30 Hours


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Model # PC1600
Barcode # 9315219160010


24 Month Manufacturer Warranty