Sanyo Eneloop 9.6v 2000mah Flat NiMh Battery Pack

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Ideal upgrade for traditional 9.6v flat NiMh transmitter batteries, this pack contains very high quality Sanyo Eneloop cells. Custom made with 8 cells wired in series to produce 9.6v. Specifically for RC toys and Transmitters that operate of 8 x AA batteries.

Sanyo Eneloop batteries offer much higher running time, more charge cycles, don’t develop the dreaded NiMh memory affect and retail their charge when left for prolong periods. Ready to use straight out the pack!

All Mr Positive RC Lipo Batteries can be customised with your choice of main discharge connector before adding the item to the shopping cart.

Voltage: 9.6v
Capacity: 2000mah
Main Connector: Tamiya
Dimensions: 14.5mm x 100mm x 57mm
Weight: 196g
Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride


Barcode # 9319632640050

Sanyo Eneloop

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