NiMH and NiCD 4-10 Cell Battery Pack Smart Charger

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Suitable for traditional NiMH (and NiCD) 4-10 cell batteries. This battery charger is fully automatic and will detect the battery cell count and apply the correct voltage to suit.

The unit features four LED charge indicator lights that will indicate the charging status of the battery as well as faults. There ar4e no others settings or buttons. Simply plug and play.

Suitable for any mid size capacity 4-10 cell (4.8v - 12v) NiMH and NICD battery.


AC Input: 240v AC 50Hz
Output Voltage: 4.8v-15v (depending on battery)
Output Current: 500ma
Main Battery Connector: Standard Tamiya

LED Indicators:

1 LED Steady: 30%
2 LED's Steady: 50%
3 LED's Steady: 70%
4 LED's Steady: 90%
Green LED: Fully Charged / Trickle Charge
Flashing Red / Green LED: Error / Short Circuit 
Flashing Red LED: Reverse Polarity / Wrong Battery


Model # NC500U
Barcode # 9319632563618
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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