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Sanyo / Panasonic Eneloop ready to use rechargeable NiMh cells are regarded as the highest quality rechargeable AA and AAA battery available. Sanyo / Eneloop batteries have been specifically designed for high drain devices such as digital cameras and toys. They feature modern NiMh technology, overcoming traditional 'memory affect' synonymous with older NiMh cells and offering a considerably better self discharge rate. Sanyo / Panasonic claims that the Eneloop XX Nickel Metal Hydride batteries retain up to 85% of their capacity even after one year of storage!

No more frustrations of a flat battery just when you need to use it. As convenient as Alkaline batteries, but considerably better environmental choice. Sanyo Eneloop AA carries a manufacturer rated 1800 cycles!

Please Note: Some of Mr Positive's Sanyo Eneloop product have now been rebranded as Panasonic Eneloop. This is due to a recent change of branding by Panasonic. Sanyo and Panasonic are the same company and essentially the same brand. The products and the quality remain unchanged, the only change is in the product branding and packaging. Specifications of all products remain accurate.