Morningstar SunKeeper PWM 12v 6a Junction Box Mounted Solar Controller

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Morningstar's SunKeeper range of controllers provide a low cost regulated output directly from solar module. Helping to maximise battery life in small solar power applications. Morningstar's SunKeeper controllers are epoxy encapsulated and rated for outdoor use. By mounting directly to the module junction box and wiring through the junction box knockout, the connection is weather-proof. This eliminates the need for an additional housing for the controller.

The SunKeeper is available in a 6 amp or 12 amp version (both at 12 volts DC). To withstand the high temperatures at the solar module, the controller has been designed using extremely efficient power electronics and is rated to 70 Degrees Celsius.


Rated Solar Input: 6a
Nominal System Voltage: 12v
Min Battery Voltage: 0v
Max Solar Voltage: 30v
Self-Consumption: 7mA Charging, 2mA Night
Voltage Accuracy: +/- 150 mV
Battery Regulation Voltage: 14.1v at 25 Degrees
Float Voltage: 13.7v at 25 Degrees
Type of Charging: Series PWM
Operating Temperature: -40 - +70 Degrees Celsius
Dimensions: 99 x 51 x 13
Weight: 0.11 KG
Fitting to Module J-Box: PG 13.5, M20, ½ Inch conduit
Wire Terminations: #8 fork connectors

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


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12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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