Panasonic Eneloop XX 2550mah Ready To Use AA Battery (4 Pack)

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Eneloop Pro by Sanyo / Panasonic Eneloop is the company's latest offering in high capacity ready to use rechargeable AA batteries. Providing over 500 charge cycles, Sanyo / Panasonic Eneloop Pro is the best value for money and offers the best return on investment. The company claim their Eneloop Pro batteries can retain their charge if left for one year! No more frustrations with rechargeable batteries being flat whenever you need to use them. As convenient as traditional non rechargeable Alkaline batteries, but considerably better environmental impact.

Sanyo Panasonic Eneloop Pro high capacity batteries are ideal for high drain devices such as digital cameras, Led torches or toys.

Panasonic Eneloop Pro is now made in Japan.

Why would you chose this product?

Panasonic / Sanyo Eneloop Pro is widely regarded as one of the best performing and most reliable rechargeable batteries in the market. Unlike older traditional NiMH batteries that are always flat whenever you need them. These modern NiMH batteries retain their charge longer and don't go flat if left idle. Capable of being recharged up to 500 times, Panasonic / Sanyo Eneloop Pro offer far greater return on investment when compared to other rechargeable batteries or the cost of constantly buying and throwing out disposables.

Eneloop Pro… Much more reliable, superior performance, more value for money and much better environmental footprint!


Voltage: 1.2V
Capacity: 2550mah
Size: AA
Width: 14.35mm x 50.4mm
Weight: 30g
Pack: 4 x AA
Chemistry: NiMH

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.

Please Note: Some of Mr Positive's Sanyo Eneloop product have now been rebranded as Panasonic Eneloop. This is due to a recent change of branding by Panasonic. Sanyo and Panasonic are the same company and essentially the same brand. The products and the quality remain unchanged, the only change is in the product branding and packaging. Specifications of all products remain accurate.


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Model # BK-3HCCE/4BT
Barcode # 8887549556616

Sanyo Eneloop

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