Varta is one of the world's largest battery manufacturers, producing alkaline (non rechargeable) variety, Ni-Mh rechargeable type, Lithium batteries, button cell batteries, as well as a range of consumer battery chargers. Varta consumer batteries are designed for use with all portable electronic devices and offer great reliability at a affordable price.

Varta's high Energy Alkaline batteries contain no cadmium or mercury, producing a disposable product that is much better for environment.

If there is a particular Varta product you require that is not currently listed, contact one of our battery experts and we will bring it in for you.

Varta High Energy Alkaline D Size 2 Pack
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Varta 6 Hour AA and AAA Battery Charger and Four AA Battery Package
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Varta CR-P2P 6v Lithium Single Use Photo Battery
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