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Regarded as the number one manufacturer of LED Torches and CREE LED Flashlights, Nitecore sets the playing field time and time again with its highly revered range of extreme and every day carry (EDC) Led products. Constantly pushing the boundaries and producing ground breaking LED products that set the benchmark, while the competition scrambles to keep up! Nitecore' s high performance LED flashlights all feature CREE LED technology, producing the highest brightness, longest beam throw and the most consistent LED light.

At the heart of any Nitecore LED Flashlight is its unique circuit design. Benchmarked to produce a far higher performing CREE LED flashlight that operates more efficiently, produces longer running time and comes in the smallest, most compact form possible.

Mr Positive is an official New Zealand authorised retailer (sales and service) of all the Nitecore range of high performance LED torches, Li-Ion batteries and universal chargers. Our Nitecore range is categorised in a few key categories, aiming to narrow down the right Nitecore product for your chosen application. Contact one of our LED Flashlight experts for advice on which Nitecore LED flashlight, battery and charger combination is best suited for your application.

Nitecore Protected 3.7v 3500mah 18650 Battery
On Sale 11% OFF RRP $45.00
Nitecore 3.7v 700amh 18350 Li-Ion Battery
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Nitecore 8 Slot I8 Intelligent Li-Ion and NiMH Battery Charger
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Nitecore EA41 Sport Series CREE XM-L U2 1020 Lumen LED Torch
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Nitecore GM02 Gun Mount

Nitecore GM02 Gun Mount


Nitecore Lanyard and Ring

Nitecore Lanyard and Ring