Xtar VP4 Dragon All In One Sophisticated Battery Charger and Tester

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Xtar's VP4 Dragon is one of the most sophisticated all in one charging solution available today! Not only can it charge and manage nearly any size or type cylindrical battery, it can also charge smartphones, provide multimeter functionality, act as a power bank, charge 3s drone lipo's, test real battery capacity and much more.

Finally a consumer level battery charging product that produces accurate data around the actual capacity of a battery! Traditional battery testers typically produce results based on the voltage of the battery being tested. Which only scratches the surface and doesn't really paint the full picture of the overall condition or health of the battery.

Aptly names by Xtar as a Battery Doctor, The Xtar VP4 Dragon will charge, discharge, measure real capacity as well as internal resistance of any cell. The internal resistance of your battery increases over time, which in turn affects its ability to provide power and run time. Having an internal resistance reading of the battery is the best way to indicate the condition of the battery. With so many fake 18650 cells available today with outrageous ratings, this product finally puts to bed any confusion about quality of the battery you are buying.

The VP4 also includes a USB socket for charging portable electronics. Which can act as a power bank when the charger is loaded with batteries.

With the popularity of Drone and UAV's these days, Xtar has included a 3s balance port for charging 2-4ahr 3s 11.1 lipo batteries at the same time.

The units large LCD screen provides numerous different values of the condition of the battery, charge state and much more. This data can also be saved to the internal memory to be recalled later!

The Xtar VP4 Dragon is a sophisticated all in one charging solution for the serious enthusiast or the user that requires the most accurate data about the condition of their batteries.


Refresh mode to help recovery of NiMH batteries with memory effect
USB socket for charging portable electronics like smartphones
Reveres polarity and numerous other built in safety features
Large LCD screen with detailed info on the condition of the battery and charge process
Control all the chargers functions with 3 simple buttons
Built in memory to record data for the last 64 charge / discharge / test results
Accurate cut-off charging algorithm that will never over charge batteries
Compatible with nearly all NiMH, NiCD, Li-Ion, LiFePO4, IMR cylindrical batteries
Internal resistance feature with included test probes
3s 11.1v balance socket for charging 3s 11.1v lipo batteries at 1a
Up to 2a charging per slot for fast charging high drain Li-Ion cells
True battery capacity test functionality
Power Bank functionality. Use batteries in charge slots to power portable electronics
Power from AC (with included adaptor) or with cigarette lighter (included)


Input: 12v 3a DC
0.5a Constant Current Mode Per Slot: 0.5a x 4 Slots
1a Constant Current Mode Per Slot: 1a x 4 Slots
2a Constant Current Mode Per Slot: 2a x 2 Slots
Cut-Off Voltage Li-Ion: 4.2v +/- 0.05v
Cut-Off Voltage NiMH: 1.45v +/- 0 0.1v
USB Output: 5v 2.4a
11.1v / 3S Battery Charging Output: 1a
Operating Temperature: 0-40 Degrees Celsius
Dimensions: 158mm (L) x 147mm (w) x 40mm (H)
Weight: 345g

Package Contents:

1 x Xtar VP4 Dragon Battery Charger
1 x Test Probes
1 x Charger Pouch
1 x 12v 3a Adaptor with NZ / AU Plug
1 x 3a 12v Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


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Model # VP4 Dragon
Barcode # 6952918320722


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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