Isolated DC-DC 12v 1w Voltage Regulator Module

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Isolated power module for providing regulated (and isolated) power source to electric circuits. This module is ideal solution for digital panel ammeters that require a separate power source to operate or cannot share a common ground. These meters traditionally require a completely separate battery (or power source) to run them.

Module is very easy to install. Features 2 input pins and 2 output pins and is very compact and light. The 2 output terminals are completely isolated and can be used to run any of our LCD panel ammeters from the same power source that is being measured.

Please note that this module is not supplied with wiring diagram. Please view the second image in product listing for thy correct wiring and pin orientation.


Input Voltage Range: 12-16v
Output Voltage: 12v
Max Rated Power: 1w
Dimensions: 20 x 6 x 10mm


Barcode # 2000000004907