Victor 70C 3 5/6 Digit Digital Multimeter With USB

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So many devices these days are compatible with USB and the humble multimeter is no longer an exception. Victors 70C multimeter is our mid range precision meter. It features a large LCD display that provides clear and easily readable values, USB functionality compatible for analysis of multimeter data and provides a low error threshold.

The Victor 70C produces accurate results every time and is our most popular multimeter model. The Victor 70C Digital Multimeter measures Voltage (AC and DC), Current (Ac and DC), Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, as well as functionality for diode and continuity tester.


Diode Test
Continuity Buzzer
Low Battery Indication
Data Hold
Auto Power Off
Function Protection
Relative Value Measurement
Shockproof Protection


DC Voltage: 400mV / 4V / 40V / 400V / 1000V +/- (0.5%+4)
AC Voltage: 400mV / 4V / 40V / 400V / 750V +/- (0.8%+10)
DC Current: 30mA / 300mA / 10A +/- (1.5%+10)
AC Current: 30mA / 300mA / 10A +/- (1.5%+10)
Resistance: 4000 Ohm / 4k Ohm / 40k Ohm/ 400k Ohm / 4 Megaohm /4 0Megaohm +/- (0.8%+4)
Capacitance: 4nF / 40nF / 400nF / 4uF / 40uF/200uF +/- (2.5%+20)
Frequency: 100Hz / 1000Hz / 10kHz / 100kHz / 1MHz / 30MHz +/- (0.5%+10)
Work environment: 0-40 Degrees Celsius Relative humidity < 80%
Store environment: 10-50 Degrees Celsius, Relative humidity < 80%
Over Range Display: 0L
Frequency Duty Cycle: 1-99%
Input Impedance: 10 Megaohm
Sampling Rate: 3 times / second
AC Frequency Response: 40-400 hz
Max Display: 3999 (3 3/4 Auto polarity display or unit display )
LCD Size: 70 x 50mm
Battery: AA x 2 (Not Included)

Package Includes:

Test Leads
Instruction Manual

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # 70C
Barcode # 2000000003115


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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