USB Type-C Power Meter Tester

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USB Type-C Power Meter Tester

This unique tool sits in-between your USB Type-C device and its charger or power source. Producing real time metrics on the current, voltage, power consumption and much more.

Trouble shoot charging problems with modern USB Type-C devices or compare performance of charging solutions, components, cables already in use quickly and in an all in one super compact device.

With the very wide range of modern portable devices we all use, there is often inconsistencies between how one charger performs to another. This can be as a result of subtle differences between the devices Quick Charge or Power Delivery mode or even an inherent design flaw with the device. Particularly for non branded accessories available through large auction sites. This device will take any of the guess work out and provide clear data of where the issue lies with your power system,

USB Type-C in and out connection. Unit can be used in both directions.

Supports Quick Charge 2, 3 and Power Delivery.


Current Measurement Range: 0-5a
Voltage Measurement Range: 0-30v
Power Usage Measurement Range: 0-000000mWh
Load Resistance Measurement Range: 1-9999.9 Ohms
Timing: 0-99 HOurs
Led Size: 0.96 inch colour
Voltage Resolution: 0.002v
Current Resolution: 0.002a
POwer Range: 0-150w
Port: USB Type-C 24 Pin
Weight: 15g
Dimensions: 55 x 26.5 x 11.5mm


Barcode # 2000000009094
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty