Programmable Power Supply Module 0-50v 5a inc USB Bluetooth

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This voltage regulator and power supply module is an excellent DIY option to add modern functionality to an existing power supply or DIY power supply projects.

Unit offers a wide operating input and output voltage. The input voltage to be greater than the output (step-down).

The large LCD display provides data on all relevant power supply settings. Including output current, output voltage, input current, input voltage, max settings, current memory selected and much more.
Adjustment is made very quickly using the selection knob. Voltage and current settings can be saved to 10 memory slots. Recalled at any time to suit specific project or application.

User can set this module to CC (constant current) or CV (constant voltage) mode. Making ideal prototyping circuitry, LED's and much more.

This version includes additional Bluetooth and USB functionality. Allowing remote adjustment of settings, memory, voltage range, current range and much more.

Our Programmable Power Supply modules are available in various power ratings as well as USB / Bluetooth functionality. Revolutionise your power projects with this precession compact all in one module!


Adjustable output voltage
Adjustable output current
Wide input voltage range
Wide output voltage range (must be higher than input by a factor of 1.1)
Memory function to store up to 10 different settings.
Large LCD display with all important PSU settings in one place
LCD brightness is adjustable
CC (constant current) and CV (constant voltage) user selectable
0.1v and 0.01a output adjustment resolution
Remote management using either USB or Bluetooth


Input Voltage Range: 6.00-55v (must be higher than output)
Output Voltage Range: 0-50v
Output Current: 0-5 Amps
Output Power Range: 0-250w
Weight: Approx 113g
Dimension: 79x43x48 mm
Hole Size: 71 x 39 mm
Output Voltage Resolution: 0.01V
Output Current Resolution: 0.001A
Output Voltage Accuracy: +/- (0.5% + 1 digits)
Output Current Accuracy: +/- (0.5% + 2 digit)

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # DPS5005-USB
Barcode # 2000000004549
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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