LiFePO4 12v 21ahr Deep Cycle Sealed Lithium Battery

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Utilising Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cell technology and designed in conventional Sealed Lead Acid form factor for maximum convenience and easy use. Directly bolts in the same place as the old conventional lead acid battery with 6mm eyelets. Battery supplied with bolts, nuts and washers.

LiFePO4 chemistry produces much greater power to size ratio when compared to conventional lead acid batteries. Producing a much smaller and lighter battery. LiFePO4 batteries also offer greater depth of charge. Producing more usable voltage in end user application. While a Sealed Lead Acid battery rarely provides its full capacity with any reasonable load.

Suitable LiFePO4 battery charger can be included with the package by adding it to the battery before adding everything to the shopping cart.


Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
LiFePO4 Cell Configuration: 4S7P (3.2v 3ahr Cells)
Minimal Capacity: 20ah at 1c (21a) Discharge
Nominal Capacity: 21ah at 0.5c (11a) Discharge
Nominal Charge Current: 0.2c (4.2a)
Standard Charging Method: CC at 0.2c to 14.6v. CV 14.6v until current drops to <0.05c
Standard Charging Time: 5.5 Hours
Max Recommended Charge Current: 0.5c
Max Continuous Discharge Current: 1c @ 23 Degrees Celsius
Peak Discharge Current: 3s (60a short burst)
Recommended Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 10v
Weight: 2.3KG
Dimensions: 166 x 76 x 181
Chemistry: LiFePO4

Package Includes:

1 x LiFePO4 12v 21ahr Deep Cycle Sealed Lithium Battery
2 x M6 Bolts and Nuts
1 x M6 Eyelet To Anderson Cable (as in second image)

Please Note:

You must use correct charger when charging this battery. The charger must be specifically designed for LiFePO4 batteries with suitable voltage to match the number of cells contained in this battery. Normal Lead Acid battery charges cannot be used. Mr Positive carries a suitable charger for this battery and it can be found below in the We Also Recommend section.



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