Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries

Deep Cycle batteries offer a deeper state of charge when compared to other lead acid battery types. They provide a higher number of cycles too. Deep Cycle batteries are ideally suited for applications where constant power is required, such as house batteries in boats or caravans, or powering appliances and electronic accessories. Deep cycle batteries can not produce as high a current as traditional starting batteries found in standard passenger vehicles. However, they can provide constant current for much longer periods.

We always recommend you chose the correct battery for your application. Using a deep cycle battery in a starting application or a conventional starting battery to run appliances (deep cycle application) will result in considerably lower battery life.

Mr Positive specialises in deep cycle batteries and we offer a very wide range of sizes and capacities for almost any application.

Use the left-hand side (or above if viewing on mobile device) filter to narrow down the list below of deep cycle batteries by voltage, capacity and or brand. This will refine the below list to exactly what is suited for your application, much simpler than sifting through hundreds of product details one by one!

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