Hella Endurant 12v 500cca Maintenance Free Marine Battery

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Discontinued product. No longer available. Replaced with alternative product.

This product has been replaced.

This product has now been discontinued. We have replaced it with NAPA NS70M MF 12v 680cca 78ahr Marine Battery. This is a superior quality product at a similar price.

Specifically designed for marine engine starting. Vibration resistant and designed to withstand harsh marine conditions. Hella Endurant Boat Master produces low self discharge and is maintenance free, never needing water.

Please note that product photos are examples of the Boat Master range. The actual product colour and terminal layout may vary. Please check product specifications and the Hella Endurant terminal layout at the bottom of the page for this product.


Voltage: 12v
Assembly: R
Terminal: D/T
Length: 255
Width: 170
Height: 225
CCA: 500
Res Cap:


D/F Dual Fit Terminal STD Tapered Post SIDE Side Terminal PP Pencil Post
D/C Deep Cycle CCA Cold Cranking Amps AHR Ampere Hrs Res Cap Reserve Capacity
UP Universal Post MCA Marine Cranking Amps LUG Lug Term D/T Dual Terminal


SKU MMF24500
Model # MMF24/500

Hella Endurant

24 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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