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Please note… All our Hella Endurant batteries are sold out and the product has now been discontinued. This is due to NZ price and availability. We have replaced all Hella Endurant products with a comparable Century or Trojan battery. These products offer better warranty terms, superior performance, are readily available and in most cases are delivered at a better price!

Please select the Hella Endurant battery you wish to replace from the list below or by searching our website using the search box in the top right hand corner of any page. Please contact us if you require further assistance on which is the best replacement for your Hella Endurant battery model.

Hella Endurant is manufactured in the US and utilises advanced computer aided manufacturing techniques. This has resulted in a range of products that sets a new standard by which all other batteries will be judged on, producing unparalleled reliability and performance for any application.

Hella Endurant AGM Master is completely maintenance free and non spill able. Hella Endurant AGM master can be mounted on its side, shipped by standard postal and/or air. Offering superior recharge ability, the Hella AGM range is the preferred choice for marine starting applications.

Utilising advanced gel electrolytes, Hella Endurant Gel Master batteries offer superior deep cycling ability and engine starting. Manufactured in the US the Hella Endurant is the preferred choice for marine, solar systems and house bank applications. Hella Endurant Gel Master is a completely maintenance free, non hazardous battery solution.