Goot RX-802 Digital Lead Free Soldering Station

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Goot RX-802AS is a sophisticated quality made digital soldering station for the serious electronics enthusiast or workshops and the trade. Designed from the ground up to provide safe and ease of use soldering that produces quality solder joints each and every time.

Goot RX-802AS is a 72w antistatic soldering iron with sensors built into the heater for accurate temperature and superfast heating. Heat stability during low temperature settings removes risk of thermal shock to delicate componentry and PCB circuits.

Superior Heat Recovery

Goot's high powered 72w heater maintains stable tip temperature at any soldering condition. With lower heat loss, the user is able to set the iron at a lower temperature that reduces tip degradation. Particularly with higher meting temperature solder such as lead free solder. Goot RX-802AS reaches tip temperature in 6 seconds and is regarded as the fastest in its class.

Patented Sleep Function

Goot RX-802AS employs patented sleep functions to reduce tip wear and improve user safety. The unit will automatically switch off if left inactive for a user set period. This method is much easier on tips than simply switching the unit off. Many user set programmable sleep settings are available. Including; settings based on reduction in tip temperature, time periods and much more. The unit's sleep function lamp will flash before sleep mode is activated to warn the user unit is about to enter sleep mode. Bringing the iron back from sleep is as easy as whipping the tip on a sponge to clean the tip.

Light and Easy to Use

Understanding the challenges around using soldering tools for prolong periods of time, Goot have designed the RX-802AS with one of the lightest hand pieces found in similar powered soldering stations. Weighing only 27g and employing a super flexible 4mm cable. The is easy to use for prolong period without fatigue.

Superior Tip Design

No tools are required to change tips and tips can be changed while the soldering iron is in use and hot. New tips can be inserted without danger of burning, as the tip does not heat up until operator pushes any button. Heating time taking only 6 seconds. Spare tips can be stored in the RX-820AS soldering iron stand which is included in standard package.

Goot's soldering iron tips offer up to double the iron coating than their competitors. Providing longer lasting and more reliable soldering iron station consumables. Full range of tips and accessories are readily available for the RX-802AS.


Voltage: 240v AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 80w
Solder Unit Power: 24v AC / 72w
Temp Setting Range: Room – 450 Degrees Celsius
Hand Piece Size: 158mm
Station Size: 146 x 115 x 98
Hand Piece Weight: 27g
Station Weight: 1.8Kg Approx
Leak Voltage: < 2mV
Ground Resistance: < 2 Ohm
Cable Length: 1.2m

Goot Part Number:


Replacement Parts:

1.6mm Chisel Tip: RX-80HRT-1.6D
3.2mm Chisel Tip: RX-80HRT-3.2D
5.4mm Chisel Tip: RX-80HRT-5.4D
0.5mm Conical Tip: RX-80HRT-B


Model # RX-802AS


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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