Goot Quality Temperature Controlled LED Soldering Station

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Goot’s RX-711AS is a made in Japan and is a precession manufactured instrument with excellent temperature stability. Goot’s RX-711AS is a soldering tool for the serious electronic hobby enthusiast.

Goot’s light weight soldering pencil features a internal temperature controlled grounded tip and incorporates a ceramic heater. The temperature sensor provides precise tip temperature information to the heater controller. Providing stable constant heat at user set degree accuracy.
Temperature stability is further enhanced by designing the heater to actually fit within a matching recess in the tip.  This allows faster heat transfer and therefore better tip-temperature recovery during heavy soldering. 

The soldering pencil is fitted with a silicon rubber grip for added handling precision and a 1.1 metre long silicone sheathed cord attaches to the console controller via a 5 pin DIN connector. 

Goot’s main control panel includes the digital temperature display panel, a rotary temperature control, calibration control and a display changeover switch to display either the desired or actual tip temperature.


Safety Approval Number: QASTE4930.
Supply Voltage: 230-240v AC
Output Voltage: 24v AC 
Power Rating: 65 Watt
Temperature Range: 200 - 480 Degrees Celsius
Iron Cable length: 1.1m
Tip Size: 0.5mm Tip Supplied


Model # RX-711AS
Barcode # 9319236875346


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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