Electronic Programmable Battery Isolator (VSR)

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The voltage sensitive relay (VSR) is a crucial component in any dual battery installation. The VSR sits in between the auxiliary battery and the main starting battery, managing all the power transfer in between. The VSR ultimately protects all batteries from over-discharge and most importantly ensuring the main (starting) battery does not run flat.

This VSR model is programmable and allows for user set input cut in and cut out voltage settings. Unlike conventional voltage sensitive relay's that have limited customisation, this model offers infinite adjustment to suit any end user application and or installation. The integrated LED screen shows related info in 3 letter codes as outlined in the unit's user manual. An additional (separate) LED light bulb can be wired to the unit. Providing remote VSR status. Ideal in situations where there is limited space or the final installation location of the VSR is not convenient or easily accessible.

This VSR has manual override pins that can be wired to standard separate switch. When engaged, the circuit between two batteries is open and it allows the user to draw power from the auxiliary battery in the event the main starting battery is flat.

This VSR's unique reverse charging functionality makes use of available power to ensure the main battery is also being charged at the same time. This is useful when the auxiliary battery is being charged from a solar panel (or other charge source). This VSR will monitor the auxiliary batteries voltage and when it is fully charged, it will use the auxiliary battery to charge the main battery as well.

Very simple to wire and offering endless customisation to suit any installation. Great for Caravans, 4WD's, Marine and much more!


Connect Voltage Range: 9.2-16v (user set)
Isolate Voltage Range: 9-15.8v (user set)
Visual Alarm Voltage Range: 9-15.6v (user set)
Delay: 1-255 Seconds
Mount: 100mm
Max Continuous Current: 100a
Max Burst Current: 400a
Standby Current: 0.04a
Dimensions: 110mm (l) x 90mm (w) x 72mm (H)


Model # TDR15100
Barcode # 9315275894362
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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